Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welfare and Whereabouts report

Dear Chloe,

Yesterday, your Papa sent me a copy of the Welfare and Whereabouts report from the State Department. We were so very glad to find out that you're safe and healthy! It was so strange to read the report because it was almost like being with you there.

I have to tell you, though, made me very sad to know that your mother is working so hard to make your Papa disappear. There was no mention in the report of any of the pictures of you and Papa playing together. (I'm not even sure if they gave you those pictures, baby.) There was no indication that Papa was even mentioned during the visit. And it broke my heart to know that you don't speak English any more.

I miss you so much, little Chloe. Papa cries a lot, I know, but he doesn't want anyone to know it. Maybe soon your mother will change her mind and remember that it's important for little girls to know, and grow up with, a father who loves them as much as yours loves you. Maybe soon, she'll understand that your life is as important as her own?

I love you Chloe,