Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Turkey Day Chloe!

Dear Chloe,

Well, it's just a couple more days until Thanksgiving here in the US. I'm pretty sure you don't celebrate the same thing in Japan. But someday, when you come back, I'll explain it to you. =) Basically, it's a day when families get together and have a big meal - a feast! - and think about all the things they're thankful for. In any case, most people have turkey at the feast, so some of us call it Turkey Day. (Although I don't think the turkeys think much of the idea.) And after Turkey Day, we'll all start getting ready for Christmas. I miss you so much Chloe, I so wish you could come home to us for Christmas. But you know we'll be thinking of you, and Santa Claus will find you wherever you are.

Guess what, Chloe? Your new cousin, Alice, will be here before Christmas. She's due to be born on December 13th. Someday, when we're all together again, you and Alice will be able to play together. And you can tell her all about living in Japan.

I guess that's all for now, Chloe. Except to tell you to stay safe, be happy, and don't forget about us. Papa has already sent some things for you for Christmas and Grandpa and I will be doing so soon. So watch for mail! =)

I love you, Chloe.


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Sara McDowell said...

Any updates on your granddaughter? I read your blog and hope she is doing well.